What manner of man is Zidane? Spirit, genius or just an extraordinary player of his generation. From Algeria to France, Cannes to Bordeaux to Juventus to Real Madrid, and the rest is history today.

When you talk about legends in the world of football, you can’t but mention Zinedine Zidane, his exploits have really talked a lot about him and his personality. Zizou is a Three-Man hero, hence the title “Trois Heros Zizou”. He played for three major club sides in Europe; Bordeaux (This club was playing in the UEFA Champions League back then), Juventus and Real Madrid.

He won the three Most Important Trophies in world football; The World Cup, European Cup and the Champions League. He won World Best on three occasions, and also hold the record as the only manager who won the UEFA Champions League trophy three times consecutively.

Zidane was a winner as a player, now he has become a champion with his achievements at the Bernabeu, he has enriched the history of the Los Merengues the more, helping them to hold more records in their shelf.

He has achieved what coaches like AC Milan legend Carlo Ancelotti, Magical Fabio Capello and Jose “Special One” Mourinho were unable to do at the Bernabeu, despite being notable coaches in the world of football.

Zizou has really surpassed many great coaches that has at one time or the other made name for themselves with their prowess. When it comes to history of Real Madrid, Zidane will surely be mentioned with the likes of the eternal Madrid legend, Santiago Bernabeu.

He has paid his dues to them in larger scale than any other individual, and posterity will never forget his efforts, which did not only pay off, but helped in setting a new record for the galaticos, and this might take many years to break in the world of football.

All Hail Zizou!
All Hail The Champion!!