Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu has been accused of corruption by Catalan police, he has been alleged to have had a role in “BARCAGATE”.

The police has delivered a report to the Barcelona court accusing FC Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu of corruption, according to Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

It was reported that the club hired a third party called I3 Ventures to damage the reputation of current players and other club legends on social media and he is being probed for personal financial gains.

According to the Catalan police, the president allegedly paid six times higher than the market value to hire I3 Ventures, and the authorities are now investigating the motives behind said overpay.

The police report, via El Mundo, said.

suggestions of possible crimes relating to illegal administration and concrete examples of trafficking favors”, and Los Mossos are requesting an FC Barcelona representative to present evidence”

The Barcelona president publicly denied the reports earlier this year saying, “I want things to be clear to our members. There must be no doubt in the minds of anybody that Barça has never hired any company to damage the reputation of any player, former player, politician, president or ex-president.

It’s false. We will defend ourselves as necessary against the people who are accusing us. It’s false. Barcelona has never hired anyone to damage the reputation of anybody”.