Egypt wants to know where the golden Africa Cup has gone that the national football team has owned since 2010. The goblet has recently gone missing and wild stories are circulating.

The Public Prosecution Service has been ordered to conduct an investigation.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports has referred the file of the loss of important silverware from the warehouses of the Egyptian Football Association (EFA) to the Attorney General,” read a brief statement on Facebook.

Officials setting up a museum of Egyptian football memorabilia recently discovered that the golden cup had disappeared.

Former goalkeeper Ahmed Shobair of the national team announced the missing in a talk show.

Another former footballer, Magdy Abdelghani, suggested that former international Ahmed Hassan and former coach Shawky Gharib knew where the cup is located.

According to former football officials, the cup was stolen during a 2013 fire at EFA’s Cairo headquarters. Protesters then allegedly looted the office.

Egypt won the Africa Cup in 2006, 2008 and 2010 and for that reason was allowed to keep the trophy permanently.