In an absolutely unexpected political earthquake, a working group of consisting of Prime Ministers from all 16 German States announced full Federal guidelines for the return of fans to Bundesliga stadiums. 

A decision by the group, working in conjunction with Chancellor Angela Merkel, was not expected until early October, but the pressure to act had increased in recent weeks as different German regions were developing too many varying strategies. 

It has now been said that all sport clubs, football and other sport can now fill their stadiums with up to 20 percent capacity provided they follow the agreed rules set aside. 

Entrance to the stadium will be regulated as spectators must oblige the rule of wearing a face mask when they are not in their respective seat, and sections of the stadiums must be cordoned off in accordance with social distancing requirements. 

There won’t be selling of drinks by the traveling fans as it is prohibited. As in the case of partial re-openings, only contact traceable season-holders will be allowed in. 

The federal guidelines put all public events within the enforceable parameters of the Robert Koch Institute’s recommended data-driven COVID stabilizer. If in any region the number of new infections exceeds 35 per 100,000 inhabitants in a given area for seven consecutive days, any public gathering can be cancelled. 

The current rule of 20 percent occupying capacity country-wide decree runs for six weeks which after then will be be re-assed at the end of October. 

The Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 will both kick start their new season on Friday September 18.