Arsenal first team manager Mikel Arteta has credited Arsenal’s squad quality for Aubameyang’s contract renewal.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang put pen to paper on a new three year deal on Tuesday to put an end to the speculation surrounding his future.

In the 31-year-old’s previous contract he earned £200,000-per-week but his new contract will see him take home £350,000-per-week.

Mikel Arteta iterated that Arsenal’s quality team convinced Aubameyang to put pen to paper.

“I think the big reason Auba is staying is because we have an incredible football team, football club, we have some fantastic people working here and because he feels how much love he has from the fans.

“I played my part, which is part of my job, to try to explain to him what we are trying to do and how important he would be while we are building and that is it. The club has to take credit for that and the people who have been able to put a project and a package to him to stay at the club.”

The Spanish gaffer also revealed that he wasn’t stressing himself over the contract situation of the club’s skipper.

“Obviously I knew what was coming so I was bit more relaxed, but I am really pleased to have convinced Auba to stay at our club as well in the terms that we have done, and with the passion and determination that him and the people around him showed to stay at our club, how happy they are with what we have achieved and as well really pleased to see the reaction of everyone, firstly here at Colney at our club and as well our fans, to keep him.”

Arteta also made it known that he has always enjoyed working with Aubameyang and how key he was to his plans

“It is enjoy to work with him, I think we have a really transparent relationship. We have been really clear with each other on what we were trying to do, how big Auba was to my plans for now and for the future and the way he trains, the way he behaves himself and the way he performs is exactly what I want from him.

“I want him to do that consistently for the next few years.”