Luis Suarez has said goodbye to Barcelona in an emotional press conference held today.

The Barcelona legend completed a move to the Catalan rivals Athletico Madrid yesterday.

He thanked the club and added that he will always be a culer and Barcelona will forever remain in his heart.

Suárez said. “This is going to be very difficult”
“I really don’t know what to say. I am surely going to miss my friends, my brothers, who’ve always helped me”
“In this club, I’ve played with some best players here.

“I will always be a Culér, no matter where in the world I am. Yes, I’ve suffered setbacks in my career but I am very proud of the time I’ve spent here. Especially, the Champions League and League trophies. Before I came here, I only played in PlayStation with Barcelona. This club signed me when everybody else left me. They knew I had a ban after that (Chiellini) incident, but they trusted me throughout.

“I’ve lived many special moments here and I will never forget them. I am very proud of the 6 years I’ve spent here, now I understand that my time has come to leave the club. I’ll always be grateful to Barcelona. I have lived many good memories here, trophies, goals… my first Champions League goal. Only the player Luis Suárez is leaving the club, but the fan of FC Barcelona, Luis Suárez, his heart will always be here.

He also spoke about the Lionel Messi transfer saga.

“It’s been a crazy month, there had been talks of Messi leaving. But we got to know about the truth later. We always want what’s best for the club. You have to accept when the club tells you to leave, but the club also needs to respect a player’s decision when the player wants to leave (addressing Messi’s situation).

“I will leave with my head held high”
“Some things have been made up by the people, the press, which are not true. I don’t deserve that. It’s a new step of my career, a new chapter. I will forever be grateful to Barcelona”
“This year I had many ups-and-downs due to my injuries. Despite the contract length, the club always need changes. In our case, the new coach didn’t trust me.

“Koeman? I accepted his decision. I agreed that I need to leave to let this club improve for the best. I only wish the fans remember me for all the good and also for some bad. I had only asked Koeman to respect me as a professional and let me train until something officially gets settled.

“Why Atletíco Madrid? Everyone knows that Barcelona had transfer listed me. I had many offers but I chose Atletíco. I have already spoken with Diego Simeone, Antoine (Griezmann) and Diego Godin about it.

“I feel being the third-most goalscorer in the club’s history, I am leaving the club on a good note. When at first, Mr. Koeman called me I knew what it was going to be. I had no problems with him not relying on me. Even he had no problems with me as a professional”
“Facing Barcelona? I still haven’t imagined the scenario. Barcelona holds a special place in my heart.

“The current Barcelona squad is definitely very good and they have many young players who have good talent. I still couldn’t accept that I am having a farewell, how will I imagine myself playing against my friends?.

“My departure will never affect my relationship with Messi. We deserved the criticism for the Champions League loss. I had played with some injuries, for which I don’t blame myself. I am only proud.

“I hope it will be a very bright year for Barcelona. The young players will need to take their chances to the most. There had been many rumours before, but today, it is truly a goodbye. He concluded.