Following his exit from the Roland Garros, Spain’s seed number 17, Pablo Carreno-Busta has complained about Novak Djokovic calling the doctor for his aid whenever ‘a match gets difficult’

Recall that Carreno Busta fell to the world number one on a 6-4 2-6 3-6 4-6 defeat, this gives Djokovic a spot at the final four of the 2020 edition of the Roland Garros.

In the course of the game, Djokovic had a cut on his upper arm at Chattier as he played the Spaniard.
He continuously nurse his the cut after he was a set down earlier, but later came back to business three sets on a row.

Every time the match becomes a bit difficult for him, he asks for the doctor” Carreno Busta said

I don’t know whether he has a chronic problem with his shoulder or it is simply a mental issue that he does that every time he is in trouble.” He continued

But it is not something that made me lose my focus because I already knew.

I knew it was going to happen at the US open and i knew it was going to happen here. and i also know that it will keep happening.” He ended.

The pair’s last match came at the US Open in September, when Djokovic was disqualified for accidentally hitting a ball at a line judge.