Former Arsenal player Paul Merson has slammed the club for sacking its mascot Gunnersaurus due to the effect of COVID-19.

Though outcast Ozil came to his rescue and opted to pay his wages as long as he remains at Arsenal.

Merson claimed that Mesut ozil made the 13 time Premier League champions looked stupid for their decision.

Mesut Ozil has made Arsenal look completely stupid, but the dimensions of the mascot just show how selfish the people who run the club these days are so far from human level, you can’t believe how angry I am about this.”he said.

Arsenal used to do without, I don’t think the owners even know the meaning of this word anymore, everyone who has made the decision to get rid of him needs to take a long, hard look at themselves.

The man wearing the suit (Jerry Quy) this guy loves to do that. He was there when I was a player for Arsenal. He is within the organization and my kids have grown up with him and love him.

They will be interested in gunnersaraus as much as they care about players.

To Get rid of him just to save money?. How many other clubs in the leagues are already fighting the pandemic, have done that?

Even if they return him when the fans are allowed to return to the stadium, that was a shame.

They just signed Thomas Partey for 45 million pounds, if he’s being paid 150,000 pounds a week, would you tell me they couldn’t offer 149,000 pounds to him and give the rest to the gunnersaraus?”

Jerry Quy has played the role of the dinosaur mascot since 1993, attending home games at Highbury and the Emirates along with other club events, in the outfit. He even reportedly missed his brother’s wedding to attend a home game.