Arsenal legend Arsene Wenger has explained the situation regarding Van Piersie’s Arsenal departure and why he blocked his request of a return to the Emirates stadium.

It would be recalled that Robin Van Piersie left Arsenal to join Manchester United in the summer of 2012 for a transfer fee of 24m pounds. Despite the fight from the club to renew the contract of the then club captain (Van Piersie) he made up his mind that he is willing to go and seek for new challenges.

Arsene Wenger who was then the club manager has in his recent released Auto biography addressed the incident that lead to Van Piersie’s departure and why he blocked his request to return to Arsenal. In his words Wenger has this to say ‘‘In 2012, he announced his intention not to extend his contract. All the big clubs were courting him. I sold him to Manchester Utd. The supporters were angry with me for this but we could not match the offer. I managed to negotiate his departure for £24million, which was a huge amount at the time for a player with a year left on his contract. I had only the interest of the club in mind.

My relationship with Alex Ferguson and Manchester United had improved by then, but every transfer is a polite game of poker where you attempt to give not anything away.

Van Persie had a fantastic first six months at Old Trafford, he put the team on track for the Premiership title and made it even more difficult for us. But after three years of the four that he signed for, he was injured and Ferguson sold him to the Turkish club Fenerbahce.

He called me because he wanted to come back, but it was impossible he was at the end of his career and we were investing in young players.”

Van Piersie’s controversial departure from Arsenal would go on to be like a pierced knife in the heart of Arsenal’s supporters as he scored against the Gunners on his return to the Emirates stadium, and also ended up winning the Premier league trophy on his first season at Manchester United.