Ander Herrera has said that after the third season he was named United player of the year, he had the respect and the love from the fans but didn’t feel that love from the club.

Herrera wanted to extend his contract at United, only to be surprised by the club’s lack of response. His deal ran down at united and he left for free last year, joining PSG on a five-year contract.

“My intention was not to leave the club and I was happy there, as happy as I am now here,” Herrera said.

It was not a secret, I was negotiating for more than one year but I expected more from the board after my third season at the club when I was player of the year. They didn’t come to me that summer; they didn’t even call me. And that was very painful for me because I had a feeling that I was giving everything.

“In saying that I have a huge respect for (executive vice-chairman) Ed Woodward, a huge respect for the board. They have always treated me fantastically. I know they want the best for Manchester United but in football, in life and in every company in the world, sometimes you don’t think the same way and I respect that. If I see Ed I will give him a hug. We just had different opinions about Man United.

I want to make sure everyone understands there is nothing personal at all. That’s life. But it’s true – after the third season when I was player of the year, when I had the respect and the love from the fans, I didn’t feel that love from the club.”

Herrera’s bond with United remains strong and it was Herrera that cavani called last before he joined the united on deadline day.

“I think we spoke about five minutes before he said yes,” Herrera explains. “He called me and said, ‘I need to make a decision now and you are the last person I am speaking to before I make that decision’. I told him to play for Manchester United is an opportunity that is for the rest of your life.

To play for other clubs in the Premier League you are a Premier League player but if you are a Manchester United player then you are a Manchester United player for life.

It is different. I have been all around the world and been recognised as a Manchester United player and I have the respect of everyone. I think Cavani is also made for Old Trafford; the way he fights for every ball – even the way he celebrates goals. I told him he was going to play for the biggest club in the UK. I don’t think he needed to hear that from me but mine was the last opinion.”