Modern managers are retired footballers who sees been a manager as their next step in life after football. They start their managerial career either by been an assistant to a top managers of a big club (Manchester city, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich) or manage small clubs that won’t put much pressure on them.

There have been some clubs in the top five leagues in Europe that have hired a modern manager and have favored them in the past few years while some have been a disappointment to the club.

Managers like Hansi Flick, Zinedine Zidane have showed the instant success interms of hiring an ex footballer as manager as both Bayern Munich, Real Madrid respectively as ripped from it, while mangers like Frank Lampard, Andrea Pirlo, Mikel Arteta, Ole Gunnar Solkjaer have struggled to replicate their blossoming footballing career in their managerial career.

The dilemma’s of this upcoming manager start from their haste to coach the club they played up which are mostly the big clubs in Europe(Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Barcelona, Juventus). It is presumed by fans and pundits that they are the best qualified for the job as they are legends of the club and they already understand the history and tradition of the club and will be able to impact the club DNA on the players.

This always backfire in their hands as they can’t withstand the pressure of the club owners when it comes to delivering titles and keeping the club at the top of their leagues, the newbies manager later get sacked and get under the scrutiny of the media and fans that supported them.

When it come to managing and having a stand on players, the young managers always seem clueless and sentimental to their favorite player, they are always afraid of the wrath of the media and fans when it comes to benching a senior player that performs poorly in a match.

An experience manager will only start players that can give him result as they aren’t afraid to bench any player no matter how big the player is as they demand 100 percent from them, some might come to the media to lambaste their players for playing badly or you see them screaming at the touch line to the player this are the cases of Jose Mourinho, Jurgen Klopp, Carlo Ancelotti, Pep Guordiola and Antonio Conte who have been in the game for so many years as they know exactly how to control the team they coach.

Another dilemma for the newbies that comes to mind is their poor tactics and lack of identity when it to their team play, as a manager is always good to know what style of play you want it is either a defensive or an attacking approach.

These are deficiencies that most modern managers have and also not knowing how to tweak their team formation when they are loosing or how to kill off a team that is proving difficult for them even though they are on the ascendency .

At the end not all of ex players are meant to be managers as some of them are football pundits on radio and television as it seems that is how the fans can still remember them for what they did for their club they love.