Tottenham Hotspurs Head Coach, Jose Mourinho,has asked Gareth Southgate to reveal which club managers are asking him to take extra caution on players during international breaks.

Spurs play Manchester City on Saturday in a EPL matchday nine fixture.

England played against Iceland on Wednesday with Tottenham duo of Eric Dier and Harry Kane featuring while Manchester City’s no.7 Raheem Sterling was excused due to a knock.

Despite Raheem Sterling missing the Wednesday’s game, Mourinho believes the former Liverpool winger will feature when his side face Manchester City.

Gareth Southgate revealed that he’s aware of the pressures on players to return to their clubs early, and Jose Mourinho has criticized him for the statement he made.

“The players want to play for England,” Southgate said. “They are in a really difficult situation. They are under huge pressure from their clubs. That is going on in the background, for sure.

“That is the landscape, whether it is made public or not. That is the reality. It manifests itself in different ways but that is what happens.”

Mourinho says that Southgate must name which Premier League manager(s) is (are) trying to prove smart by pressurising the England coach.

“Southgate… he supposedly said some club managers, they put pressure not to play for the national team and because of that he feels the need to call them to try to cool down emotions and try to control the situation,” Mourinho said on Friday.

“I would like him to say who. I would like him to say which are the coaches who put pressure on the players not to go. I would like him to say which are the coaches that he calls and speaks on the phone with them.”

Mourinho is definitely aiming a dig at Pep Guardiola, as he believes the Spaniard is the one heaping pressure on Southgate.

Mourinho revealed that he believes that players who can’t play for England due to a knock shouldn’t be able to make a miraculous recovery three days later.

“When Eric Dier left the national team injured (in October)… he didn’t play two matches for Tottenham. He needed a couple of weeks to recover but Raheem is going to play tomorrow… These are the details I think Gareth should explain.”