Arsenal legend, Ian Wright, has asked the Premier League law makers to ban the method in which players like Bruno Fernandes and Jorginho uses.

Ian Wright believes that the technique used isn’t fair as it serves as a disadvantage to the goalkeeper.

Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes and Jorginho for Chelsea are known to always make use of the hop-and-play style whenever they kick a penalty.

Manchester United played West Bromwich Albion on Saturday with the game ending 1-0 in favor of the Red Devils. The solitary goal came through a penalty awarded in the 56th minute which Fernandes converted.

The Baggies goalkeeper, Sam Johnstone, got the better of Bruno Fernandes at the first time of asking, only for the officials to order a retake as he moved off his line earlier than he should.

Fernandes scored this time around with the same signature despite missing the first.

“It is [difficult for goalkeepers],” Wright said on BBC’s Match of the Day.

“And then you’ve got forwards jumping up, doing this, doing that sort of stuff and the goalie can’t move his foot off.

“They should stop people jumping and that, they should have to make a full… just run at the ball and hit it. If they can move and the goalies can’t, that’s not fair.”

On Twitter, Sam Johnstone who was in goal for West Bromwich Albion voiced out his displeasure with Bruno’s penalty style.