As the world prepares to see the legendary Maradona get buried, there’s been an update concerning those saddled with the responsibility of preparing his body for burial.

The funeral worker who was to prepare Diego Maradona’s body for the Wake Keep has been sacked due to him taking a selfie with the body of Diego.

The man whose name has been kept from the public allegedly opened Maradona’s coffin and posed with his thumbs up for the selfie, the act made the owner of the Buenos Aires funeral parlor furious and he immediately relived him of his duties.

The Hand Of God crooner died Wednesday the 25th of November, 2020 after suffering a cardiac attack some weeks after he came back from the hospital.

Tuching tributes have been written from all over the world but in Argentina yesterday at the Presidential palace there was a lying in state program held in honor of thw late Diego Amando Maradona.