The video of a youth football coach hitting one of his players surfaced on social media and Basketball star LeBron felt disgusted by the act.

Williams was seen striking his U7 player’s helmet twice furiously and it seemed to have infuriated parents.

LeBron James saw the video on Instagram on Wednesday and he reposted it on his Instagram story with the caption:

“Ain’t no way! Couldn’t be my kid,” James wrote on Instagram. “Hell if I was there and it’s not even my kid we gone have more than words for sure.”

Reactions have trailed the video that showed the gaffer’s act as it is not an acceptable one due to the fact it wasn’t in the coache’s place to discipline the child.

James’ reaction could be justified as the coach should know that he’s a youth coach who’s in charge of little ones who are not even up to ten and not just hitting the lad, he was angrily striking the player who was still wearing an helmet.

Here’s the video and James’reaction: