Former World number one, Maria Sharapova told her story about the time frame she realizes her decision to quit tennis.

In a dialogue with the thirty-three year old model has with Incorporation, she realized the right time to quit the sport. She fully admitted paying attention to the physical and mental instincts are the ways of moving forward.

It’s a question I’ve addressed several times over the past few months before announcing my retirement.” the Russian said in parts

You have to search within yourself and what you feel, what your body tells you and also what your mind is saying.” She continued

The five time Grand Slam champion went further to explain that one can seek folks advice but the decision is up to you yo make. Although she was trying to stand firm in the game but she realizes to call it a wrap from the sport

You can have influences from people who are close to you and want to guide you towards the right decision, but to the in the end it is you who decide for your career and you must be 100% sure you do it this way.” she explained

I realized that I was showing off but not as a tennis player by now and I had lost sight of the competition.”

“It became a hard and difficult process to manage but together with my team I realized that it was necessary to move forward and I could use many other better and perhaps more meaningful ways. For many years, said the 2004 Wimbledon champion, I have focused only on this sport and I have given everything by applying and working hard to achieve results.” She narrated

Recall that the American based Russian played retired on January the 26th 2020. She began a career as model having a brand called Surgarpova. She won all major four in the game including the two Roland Garros title, one of ten to achieve the feat.