In 2012 Tiago Rech made the news headline in Brazil, as the only supporter who was present in Santa Cruz’s 4-1 defeat to Grêmio, at the Olympic Stadium.

On Tuesday as President of the Alvinegra team, he celebrated the FGF Cup title, which guaranteed a place in the Copa do Brasil for the first time in the history of Santa Cruz.

During the title celebration. Rech said “It’s too much emotion! Being president of a country club, in the third division, and being here winning this competition, playing next year’s Copa do Brasil, receiving a big prize… Santa Cruz is my life. I gave up a lot in my life for this club. I love this club.”

A lone fan who became president and today is there raising a cup. This is a dream come true. I always remembered that scene alone, but Santa Cruz is great, deserves the Copa do Brasil up. Recovery is just beginning! Hold the Rooster now!.

In 2021, it will be the first time in history that Santa Cruz will play in a Brazil Cup. Quite an accomplishment for President Tiago Rech, who left his career as a journalist in 2014 to give himself entirely to the heart club.

After working as a press officer for Galo, then 27, he decided to take over the team even in a serious financial crisis. In 2013, the team dropped from the first to the second division and, in 2018, ended up downgraded to the third.