Greek Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios has slammed Novak Djokovic as “a tool” after he issued a fanciful wish-list for Australian Open players in hard quarantine.

Mr Kyrgios was responding to a news video on Twitter which related to Djokovic’s quarantine demands. “Djokovic is a tool,” he wrote, continuing the long-running feud he has had with Djokovic preceding COVID-19..

Mr Djokovic was not affected by the hard lockdowns which have impacted 72 players, but he spoke on their behalf and issued a wish-list of improved conditions such as better food and access to training equipment. He also suggested that lockdown could be shortened and players moved to private homes with tennis courts.

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews responded to the list with a firm “no”.

Australian player Bernard Tomic’s girlfriend Vanessa Sierra, a former love island contestant, complained about quarantine conditions, stating that the food was “s–t”. She said she had been forced to wash her own hair, something she had “never done” before.

This is the worst part of quarantine,” she said, adding that she and Tomic were playing video games for up to 11 hours per day after he had been on the COVID-19 affected plane from Abu Dhabi.

Mr Kyrgios wrote: “I don’t mind Bernie, but his Mrs obviously has no perspective, ridiculous scenes.”