Former Leicester City and Chelsea defender, Roberth Hutch believes Kai Havertz needs leadership at Stamford Bridge.

Kai Havertz looks “lightweight” and “not bothered” at Chelsea says Robert Huth, with the German saying he needs a “shake” and strong leaders around him at Stamford Bridge.

The 21 year-old playmaker joined Chelsea for £70 million ($91m) from German outfit, Bayer Leverkusen.

Despite the huge investments, Kai hasn’t produced the kind of performance that brought him to Chelsea.

Little value has been found so far, with Havertz finding the going tough in the Premier League.

Robert Huth spoke with Stadium Astro: “It’s all well and good saying he needs to be the main guy but he’s at a big club and he needs to make that happen himself. Now is the time to shine.

“I just don’t like his body language at all, he looks a bit lightweight. It’s his first year, but he looks like he’s not bothered at times. He loses the ball, gives it away and doesn’t work back. It is a difficult time to come in with no fans, but you just want to shake him.

“We used to have Mahrez in our changing room [at Leicester] who got a lot better, but the team took care of him by saying ‘you can’t just do one side of it or 10 minutes of the game’.

“Maybe Chelsea lack that internal leader or leaders where that conversation happens. It’s not always a nice conversation to have when you’re not performing well, but it needs to happen. He needs someone to tell him what it takes to play in the Premier League. Maybe the whole changing room is a little bit too nice.”