Former Chelsea manager and legend Frank Lampard was relieved of his duties last monday and days after his sack, his hefty fines were leaked via social media.

However, the fines may become a thing of the past as it seems like the new gaffer will adopt another way of reprimanding offenders.

In Super Frank’s first season at the club a framed photo containing fines was leaked online. At the bottom Frank Lampard had signed the sheet.

The total list of fines was about £53,500 which equates the wage of an average footballer.

Players would’ve to pay £2,500 if they came late for training but a hefty £20,000 punishment if they were late for the start of the session.

Some other fines were £5,000 for not travelling back on the team bus or train, unless 48 hours notice was given, and £1,000 for reporting to duty in the wrong attire.

Any fine that was not paid within 14 days was doubled.

With Thomas Tuchel arrival, a new set of rules and fines may come in.