Human error prompted the introduction of Video Assistant Referee to the round leather game and to he critical, has it brought the desired change.

The world football governing body in 2017 and it was test rubbed at the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia. After the tournament, several football leagues in the world adopted the Video Assistant Referee and testimonies came forth thereafter.

Fast forward to 2018, the English FA also adopted the use of VAR in the Premier League as from the 2019/2020 campaign in other to reduce the errors that officials make during a game.

Several complains have been made as regards the frequent misjudgements made by the center referees and many have even attributed the absence of English match officials at FIFA tournaments to the errors they make.

The video technology was seen as a remedy to the errors of the officials as it was expected to give justified penalties, goals and cautions but complains still linger.

In other top european leagues, errors have been marginalized to the bearest minimum but in the Premier League fans, players, pundits and ex players bemoan of the atrocities made by the VAR officials and centre referees.

A lot of coaches have faulted the officials saying they’re not good enough.

There have been scene where VAR revealed the true incident but the center referee kicked against it. Isn’t that favoritism ?

And there are times when the referees misinterprete the VAR and the VAR officials being manipulative also.