Leicester City midfielder Youri Tielemans has termed the popular opinion of the French Ligue 1 being a farmer’s league as eronoious.

The Belgian midfielder joined the Foxes initially on loan from AS Monaco in 2018 before signing on a permanent basis.

In the UEFA Europa League round 32 pre match presser, Ojora Babatunde from OJBSPORT asked the 23 year old about what he thinks as regards the term farmer’s league.

“No that’s very harsh, that’s absolutely not true. It’s a very tough league and I think it was a very good start for me to be there, it’s a very physical league and you’ve got to be technically good as well”.

Youri believes the only difference between the Premier League and the French Ligue 1 is just the intensity.

“I think the only difference both leagues is the intensity. In the Premier League it’s very fast while in the French Ligue 1 it’s a bit more static and you’ve to be focused as well to play in that league”.