Written by Joseph Odoekwu

A bar attendant in Lagos, Nigeria, has revealed that Arsenal fans in Nigeria have a poor attitude towards patronage of drinking even when their club is doing well.

The attendant spoke with our correspondent on grounds of anonymity at a bar located in Surulere, Lagos, during the match between Leicester City and Arsenal.

“Look at the tables in the bar” he started. “We have more empty tables but many viewers and they are all Arsenal fans”.

“They are all coming to support Arsenal, yet they hardly buy drinks to encourage us” he complained.

Arsenal eventually beat Leicester City 3-1 at Kings Power stadium, but the attendant called our attention to something more interesting.

“See, it’s 85th minutes, Arsenal are leading Leicester by 3-1 and no one is ordering for drinks”. “This can never happen when Chelsea, Manchester United and some other big clubs are playing”.

If Chelsea were to be the team playing, even before the match begins, we would have sold like three crates” he added. “If they (Chelsea) eventually win, it’s going to be a different thing entirely”.

“most Arsenal fans just want to watch match at no cost and go home, and that is really not good”. “We pay for DSTV subscription but it seems they don’t understand this” he noted.

When probed on why they allow some of the Arsenal fans seat down to watch the match without patronizing them, the attendant responded: 

“Most of them are from the neigbourhood” . “We really want to keep a good relationship with them”. “Even when we insist they buy something, they end up asking for bottle water”.

Our correspondent later visited same bar in the evening when Chelsea and Manchester United played. Observations confirmed that there was high rate of turnover for orders of drinks.

When contacted again for his opinion on the high rate of turnover, the bar attendant said he was not surprised at all and he knows it was going to be like that.

“I have been in this business for almost ten years now”. “I know there is going to be high response”. “It is not just because its a big match between Chelsea and Manchester United, but because the teams are playing”.

“If the match was between Chelsea and Aston Villa or West Ham, you will still see same thing” he said. “Its not because its a big match”.

“The match between Arsenal and Leicester City todays was a big one, but what happened? he asked rhetorically.