The MVP for the 2019 AFROBASKET Championship Ezinne Kalu, has said It is always difficult facing Evelyn Akhator, in the French Female Basketball league.

Ezinne Kalu in a chat with Basketball Pundit, Kenny Bamidele, said playing against Evelyn is an Herculean task, but reveals she knows how to get points off the Flammes Carolo Guard.

Evelyn is a powerhouse, she is unstoppable, I know that if I go past her and I go for the layup she is definitely going to block my shot, that is why I use my speed and IQ anytime I am facing her”

Both ladies played on Saturday, as Evelyn Akhator’s Flammes Carolo defeated Landerneau 67-57. Kalu registered a second team-high 15 points in the encounter, but it was not enough to hand them a win.

Still talking about facing Fellow Nigerians in the league, Ezinne Kalu said her team will play against another side with a Nigerian player, Charnay Bourgogne, on Wednesday who has Promise Amukamara in their team.