No debate about Ike Iroegbu’s offensive firepower, but most people only see him play with the National team, how about his stats with Rouen Metropole of France? only few can relate.

Ike Iroegbu is a threat to score from anywhere on the court once he passes half court, he can effortlessly knock down shots beyond the three-point line.

He does some Steph Curry-esque moves when it comes to shooting three’s, he is so reliable from that range. Coupled with the ability to run down the rim.One thing that Ike Ireogbu finds delights in doing, is scoring, he does it for free.

His offensive IQ has since skyrocketed. At 26 the dude performances level when it comes to basketball has reach its stratosphere, averaging his highest figures in recent years.

Ike Iroegbu joined Rouen Metrople of France in March to help them end the season on a high. A task which he is achieving with ease, leading the scorers chat for the club since joining.

The Nigerian international has acclimatized to life in France very fast. One popular impression about players joining a new club, is that you will have to give them time to acclimatize. In Ireogbu’s case, no time to acclimatize, in his first game, he hit the ground running scoring a game-high 27 points 8 rebounds, as his side beat Paris 89-84, obviously the best way to start your career with a new club.

Scoring a game-high in what is your first game for a club, what do you call that? class, right.

Rouen Metropole followed that victory against Paris, with another superb 79-74 win against Quimper. Iroegbu registered another game-high 19 points for his side, winning back to back games for Rouen.

After pulling those impressive figures in his first two games with Rouen, some Nigerians were not surprised, because they know how efficient the dude has been with the National team. But the truth is, with the National team you get to see not too many games, with his club, there are at least two games to watch every week.

So you would always want to sit and watch Iroegbu play the game of basketball.

On April 25, 2021, the D’Tigers of Nigeria Guard tied his career high in points in a Pro B game. That day he scored 30 points in Rouen’s home loss against Gries, 83-89. He also had 2 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal. He shot 6/12 from two, 4/6 from 3, shooting at 55.6% from the field. He also shot 6/6 from the free-throw line.

These stats are mesmerizing. The 6’2 guard is averaging 19.6 Points Per Game 2.6 rebounds per game 4.6 Assist Per Game since joining Rouen, the most within that period.

He had the best point average for the Nigerian National team during the AFRO-BASKET QUALIFIERS, topping the efficiency chat. This proves Ireogbu’s quality is no fluke.

For Rouen keeping Iroegbu will be an herculean task, notwithstanding, the board will be very impressed with the quality he has brought to the French outfit.