Chelsea players will share a bonus pot of £11 million if they win both the Champions League and the FA Cup.

The bonuses, first reported by the Mail, include £5 million for the squad if they triumph in the Champions League final against Manchester City on May 29.

They have already secured £5 million just by reaching that final, with a further £1 million available if they beat Leicester City in the FA Cup on May 15.

How does this work?

Unlike other clubs, Chelsea’s bonus system is collective. Instead of giving out individual bonuses for club achievements, a single pot is shared between the squad. Meaning each player stands to earn around £500,000 if they win the Champions League.

It’s believed that one of the reasons behind this is to help team bonding.

The bonus amounts were agreed at the start of the season and it’s understood that there was a £5 million bonus for winning the Premier League.