3-time NBA champion Klay Thompson was caught leaving a club with two females, recently. The GSW superstar is presently rehabbing, after sustaining a season-ending injury before the start of the 2020/21 NBA season.

A lot have been said as to what Klay did, with the look of things the shooting guard is doing fine, after that horrific injury.

The aforementioned GSW star was seen leaving the establishment when somebody saw him and immediately took a picture and recorded him. He was quick to enter his vehicle while two women followed him.

One thing to note is that Klay at first did not enter the car immediately. So he made them walk a few blocks before the 3x NBA champion picked them up.

After Golden State Warriors were thrown out of the Play-offs by Memphis, most of these guys have to sit-back and watch the remaining games of the season alongside doing something to keep them busy, Draymond Green headed for that path, as he is now an Analyst on NBA on TNT, enjoying some time with Charles Barkley, Shaq etc.

Klay also trying to do something similar, but he’s role is quite different from DG, he’s clubbing, spending time with hot women while he recovers from an Achilles.

Thompson is getting ready to return to the court next season, trying to get the Warriors back to the top of the league. During the 2018/19 season, he averaged 21.5 points per game while shooting 40.2% from beyond the arc.