While a recent trend exist in the world of football that a World Cup winner gets eliminated at the group stage level of a subsequent World Cup tournament — Germany’s performance at the World Cup in 2018 buttressed this assertion, failing to secure qualification to the knockout stage at the last edition of the competition held in France.

Germany — the 2014 World Cup winner maintained the status quo put in place by fellow cup winners Spain and Italy as they failed to advance to the next stage of the 2018 World Cup tournament. The aftermath of their elimination has proved to be severe as all efforts of Die Mannschaft to reclaim their dominance in Europe has been to no avail. This been epitomized by their disappointing performance in the UEFA Nations League that culminated in a 6-0 defeat to Spain.

However, the Euro 2020 present an opportunity to Germany to redeem their image and become the primus inter pares once again in country football. But who is the key to unlock this “opportunity” for Germany?. Undoubtedly, Thomas Müller is the best bet to spur the German team to success in the rescheduled Euro 2020.

Having been recalled to the Germany National team following a two years exile, the importance of the Bayern Munich star cannot be overemphasized. Not only was he instrumental in Germany’s triumph at the Brazil’ 14 World Cup, with his 5 goals and 3 assists securing Die Mannschaft their fourth World Cup title, the consistency in his form at Bayern Munich is enough pontification as to why he his pivotal to Germany’s squad for the Euros that will commence on the 11th of June, 2021.

The 31-year-old has been massively prolific, bagging 11 goals and creating 18 for the Bavarians in the just concluded season that saw Bayern Munich win the Bundesliga silverware for the 9th consecutive time.

The midfield maestro blessed with pace, sumptuous passes, silky dribbles, strength and ability to maintain fluidity in attack poses unstoppable threat that disrupt the organization of a team’s defense and as such, replicating same for his country in the Euros is the expectation of all and sundry.

The Weilheim-born attacker, who enjoys his football occupying the playmaking role at Bayern Munich, posited in a statement affirming his utmost desire to play a crucial role in Joachim Löw’s side in the Euro 2020 that he wants to be the catalyst in the German Squad.

“… I want to spur on every player, and I need every teammates to spur on me. I don’t want to be all talk and no trousers. I want to be the catalyst and the one who can switch into turbo mode.”

This statement implies that the man with 38 goals and 100 appearances for his motherland is willing to dictate the proceedings at the midfield for Germany and with the wealth of experience at the World Cup winner’s disposal, it looks like a statement that can hold water and a manifestable one at that.

Though having not played International football for over 24 months have raised questions as to whether the attacker can star in his return to International duties. But that will not really matter as he remains the most experienced in Joachim Löw’s attack. Thus, his laudable form alongside the experience he posses in attack suffice to propel Germany into Euro success that will surely place them among the frontrunners of country football in the world.