Sergio Kün Aguero’s dad, Leonel Aguero has laid accusation against Pep Guardiola saying the manager shed false tears over his son departure from Manchester City.

The Argentine’s father opined that he does not believe Guardiola’s tears because the manager never wanted the Argentine at Manchester City.

Leonel predicated his assertion on the ground that Pep Guardiola always wants to be the architect of his teams triumph and take the glory for his teams success instead of his players being glorified for whatever feat they attain.

” No I don’t believe (Guardiola’s tears). For me, he never wanted Kün. He always wants to be the main man of his teams and not the players. He says that he (Aguero) is irreplaceable and he does not have him in the squad. He was waiting until the last moment to renew with City but it could not be. They did not want him.

Meanwhile, the Spanish manager was very emotional regarding Aguero’s departure from Etihad and could not conceal the strong feeling he has for the striker. Hence, his reason for shedding tears during his tribute to Aguero on the striker’s final premier league appearance.

“We love him so much,” Guardiola said.

“He’s a special person. He’s so nice. He helped me a lot … We cannot replace him, we cannot….”

“Sergio is irreplaceable. I could say in terms of numbers he could be replaceable but it’s not easy…”

“He’s a legend, the best striker I ever had at this club… but he’s irreplaceable in the mind for our fans, to our people and to the players that played alongside him or the manager who worked with him.”

Aguero — who departed the club in not one of the memorable ways he would have wished to, following Manchester City’s 1-0 loss to Chelsea in the Champions League final — has joined Barcelona until 2023 as a free agent.

But the 33-year-old leaves the club with his place in the pantheon of City’s greats as he holds a superb record of being the Citizens all-time leading goalscorer with 260 goals in 390 games in his 10 years sojourn at the club.

Recall however, that Sergio Aguero’s brother has earlier made a similar statement in a deleted tweet where he blamed Guardiola for not wanting his brother (Aguero) at Manchester City. Thus, drawing up an inference that there could be an underlying motive as regards the pronouncement of this statement by Aguero’s Father.