Chelsea and Côte d’Ivoire legend Didier Drogba has been awarded a honorary degree by Réseau des Universités des Science et Technologies (RUSTA) owing to the immense quota he has contributed towards the development of football and the restoration of peace and tranquility in his homeland.

Didier Drogba has been applauded for his relentless effort of bringing the Ivorian civil war to an end. After Côte d’Ivoire secured qualification for the World Cup in 2005 following their 1-0 win over Sudan, the 43-year-old made a clarion call to all and sundry that made up the Ivory Coast to put a halt to their wrangling and ensure that peace and stability reign in the country.

As if that is not enough, the former Blues striker continued to leave no stone unturned in his agitation for peace in his motherland. Thus in 2006 after receiving the African Player of the Year Award, he was in Bouaké (one of the habitats of the rebels) to give a declaration on the importance of unity and peace for the development of the West African nation.

Drogba did not stop there. The charitable attribute embedded in him came to the fore when he donated 5 million pounds for the construction of hospitals and provision of free medical services in Abidjan, Yamoussoukro, Man Korhogo and San Pedro.

Chelsea’s Champions League hero has recently delved into football governance having submitted his candidacy for the President of Ivory Coast Football Association which failed along the line.

Drogba’s incredible work in the country has been recognized and Réseau des Universités des Science et Technologies (RUSTA) has given him an honorary degree as a sign of appreciation.