First Part

A Sports Journalist Kenny Bamidele had a chat with one of Basketball Africa League broadcasters, Robbie Nock reviewing the competition, and what it means for Africa and the world at large.

Robbie Nock called the competition ‘incredible’.

These is such an incredible competition, if you look at these and what it means to Africa, you will know how BAL has been essential for the progress of incredible talent we have in Africa.

Taking a microscopic look at the level of the game here in Africa, Robbie was full of praise for the initiative and the organization.

The level of Basketball was very high. They saw that this competition is a future of Africa Basketball. The organization was good, I think the Pandemic complicated issues. With different people coming from the NBA, great personalities projecting this idea, it was logical right from the very start.

The aforementioned BAL Journo, eulogized the president of BAL Amadu Gallo Fall, for making the event happen, alongside creating a strong team, reiterating that it is uneasy organizing a competition of that magnitude.

I really enjoy what Amadu did, he created a really strong team around him with best of Resources, people power etc. It is not easy to organize event like this. I think they have done an exceptional job. Amadu did a really good job. Amadu was the masterminder.”

The NBA has never been part of any event outside North America, but it was part of the BAL, coupled with FIBA. Robbie was impressed that FIBA and NBA were involved. “great to have Fiba and NBA involved.”