WNBA MVP & Champion in 2016 (last Olympic year)
6x All-Star
4x All-WNBA
4x WNBA All-Defensive Team
2x FIBA World Cup Gold Medalist
No. 1 pick & ROY
Euroleague Champion
WNBPA President

Imagine a women’s basketball player having all of that in her credentials and still miss out on the Olympics team roster. How can this be explained right now?…

You ask any coach or manager what basis do they pick a roster for a competition, most will tell you they pick on merits. Take a look at Ogwumike’s career stats and awards. how on earth did she miss out?.

In the WNBA this season She’s averaging 16.4 PPG shooting 80% from the FT line, 7 RPG and 58% from the field, she’s got all these stats despite LA Sparks not too impressive season.

Nneka Ogwumike deserve RESPECT!! There is no way I’ll be told about the US Women’s Basketball team successes and history without mentioning what Nneka has done with the team, she’s a legend.

Okay, for some seconds let us forget about her omission from the National team roster.

Was it explained why her name was omitted from the roster to the Olympics? All we got were different reasons on social media citing her late return from injury. But her sister Erica debunked these claims immediately.

I have read different opinions and they said she is injured but she won’t return early enough before the Olympics starts that’s why they omitted her, some say she will be back and have no reason to be omitted.

WNBPA President inexplicably Dropped the Olympics roster!!!! from the Olympics roster that’s what should be said.

Could there be any political Undertone?

The executive producer for 144 Chiney Ogwumike, expressed her dissapointment to the trend, let’s take a look at what Chiney said.

Younger sister Erica Ogwumike who might be with the Nigeria Women’s Basketball team also shared her own point of view, She pointed out she’s not throwing shades to those called up, but curious on Nneka’s omission.

Olivia Ogwumike said this.

With all said and done Nneka Ogwumike is one of few who went to every Team USA camp the last 5 years, sadly she won’t be at the Olympics this time, as she will be watching from home.

Now let’s take a look at how fans is reacted to this news.