Assistant coach for Golden State Warriors Mike Brown in a recent interview waxed lyrical about the pool of talent in the D’Tigers of Nigeria setup, but raised eye-brows to why they are ranked 22nd in the world.

Nigeria are currently ranked 22nd in the world, and coach Mike Brown is not having any of it, expressing his curiosity to why a country with so many talented Basketball players will be placed unfairly.

“There is no way shape or form that we should be ranked 22nd or 23rd in the world not with the talent that is out there.”

Coach Brown who is also the head coach of the Nigerian team, confirmed that Nigeria is the only country that has more players in the NBA than United State of America, taking a quick flashback to when 9 players of Nigeria descent got drafted to the National Basketball Association last year.

“Nigeria is ranked first in Africa, 22nd in the world, the talent out there is amazing, there are more players in the NBA of Nigeria descent than any other country besides the US. They were 9 players of Nigeria descent that got drafted in the NBA draft last year, people don’t realize that, so the talent is level is off the chart.”

D’Tigers of Nigeria are currently training in California, preparing profusely for the Olympics, with the hoped of making history.