Danish forward, Martin Braithwaite, who enjoyed rapid rise in football over the past one year surprisingly by signing for FC Barcelona from Leganes is being said to be the second richest player in the Catalan club.

Martin was an emergency signing for FC Barcelona in January last year after an horrific injury lay off happened to Ousmane Dembele.

The former Boro forward who was already on the transfer list of Barca might have made his asking price skyrocket after an impressive outing at the Euro 2020 and that’d definitely ease the club a bit of their financial woes.

According to Forbes, only Lionel Messi is richest footballer at the Nou Camp and surprisingly the Dane comes in second.

Messi gulps a reported €1,360,731-per-week so there are no two ways to him being the richest.

Braithwaite is said to have done some wise investments with him in 2017 investing $850,000 in a real estate business, and it certainly paid off.

The former Leganes striker owns a real estate business with his uncle that has a market value of €250 million as well as a clothing franchise with his wife and a smart house project in Philadelphia.

The 30 year old who is popularly called Danish Chris Brown after doing the investments is now worth $250,000,000.

It’s worthy of note that Martin isn’t just a footballer but a business oriented individual as it’s known to Catalans that he has clothing business with his wife and owns a restaurant in Barcelona.

Asides amassing personal wealth, the Danish star wants to create millionaires in the black community in America too.

On a Yahoo Finance chanel panel recently, via the Irish Times, the striker said, “We want to teach people about financial freedom and the power that they possess.

“We have so many things that we want to do and always with the mindset to give back.”

Speaking about his efforts in the US, the striker told The Philadelphia Inquirer, “I always had this American side, and I think maybe that’s why my mindset is maybe more American: dreaming big, doing amazing things, writing goals down.

“In Denmark, we have an amazing system protecting the people. Everyone is good. No one needs anything. In America, it’s not really the same thing.”