Euro 2020 final remains one of the most anticipated match between England and Italy so as to drawn the cotton on this unique European tournament as the club football is prepare to kick off by next month.

It’s worthy of note that the competition that suppose to have took place in 2020 were shifted till 2021 mainly as a result of global pandemic. Yet, it still maintain it name tag EURO 2020.

As if that wasn’t enough, the tournament is being played at 11 different countries among which there’s England, Germany, Italy, Azerbaijan, Russia, Romania, Netherlands, Spain, Hungary, Scotland and Denmark.

Unlike the previous edition of the tournament that took place in  France where Portugal defeated the host nation by 1 goal to nill to win the trophy in 2016.

Despite the uniqueness of this year competition in terms of hosting right and most especially it name tag, the electric atmosphere couple with an interesting moment that made football becomes one of the most sought after sport in the whole wide world can’t be found wanting.

There are so many drama from spectators to the commentators including the players. There was an  applause, action and reactions including both praises and dissatisfaction by pundits, journalist, media writer among others.

Let take a look at some of the highlights of the tournament as will look forward to the grand finale

The Italian crush of Turkish team at the opening match wasn’t enough of the tournament to announce it kick off unlike the Christian Erickson incident that got virtually all football clubs and countries attention with their message of hope and good wishes.

Erickson on the floor being attended to by his team mate during Denmark vs Finland game.

The center referee and the Danish player were the hero of the match where the world hail the former for his swift response on Erickson collapse while his team mate mount shield of protection around him to block public view as the first half of the game were abruptly put to an end before Danish went on losing to Finland by 1 goal to nill.

What of the Spanish team that was tipped to repeat the feat of 2012? it was adjudged that they have been chased out of the tournament by the best team. Fans threatened Alvaro for loosing penalty against Italy while pundit complain of penalty given to England against Denmark not deserving.

Alvaro Morata

English team are in their first European finals in over 55 years while Belgium team that was regarded as golden generation are gradually going down without a trophy of which that might possibly affect their FIFA ranking on the log.

The Belgian players celebrating a goal

In all of this, Roberto Mancini boys still remain unbeaten in 33 games

Italian team celebrating a goal

However, Euro 2020 remain the icing on the cake and as such 50 games so far as been played with 140 goals and unforgettable drama as said by UEFA via their verified Twitter handle.

England will take on Italy at Webley stadium on Sunday 11 July 2021 on what will be three lions first ever European trophy and Azzurri 34th game unbeaten if they win respectively.

However, Who will win becomes a puzzle to solve between Roberto Mancini and Gareth Southgate. The question at the lip of football fans remains if playing at Webley will serve as advantages for England over Italy?

L-R Roberto Mancini & Gareth Southgate.

It’s worthy of note that the last time Italy lost a match was 2018 against Cristiano Ronaldo led Portuguese team.

According to Azzurri manager, Mancini was quoted saying “we wanted to get to the final, even if not many people believed that we would before the start of the tournament” he said.

Mancini given an instruction to his team

Italy scored 12 goals from 26 shots on target and conceded 3 while England also scored 10 goals from 21 shorts on target and conceded just a goal against Denmark.

Giorgio Chiellini remains a nightmare for in-form Harry Kane as John Stones and Harry Maguire continues to ponder on how to stop the trio of Federico Chiesa, Lorenzo Insigne and Ciro Immobile.

UEFA Euro 2020 Medal

In conclusion, both teams has what it takes to challenge their hegemony but the obvious truth is that a winner will definitely emerge from the most anticipated Euro final.