Seria A clubs will no longer be able to wear green kits from the 2022/23 campaign onwards following a change in regulations.

According to Football Italia , the rule will come into effect from next year amid concerns from television companies that green outfield shirts are too similar to the colour of the pitch and would blend in with the background.

This would make watching the game difficult for television viewers.

For the 2020-21 campaign, Atalanta wore a Christmas Tree shirt while Lazio sported a full neon green away kit.

Sassuolo’s home kit is also green but with black stripes. It is uncertain at this stage whether they will be forced to change colours considering their strip is not all green.

With the announcement coming a year early, it gives these clubs time to rethink their kits for next season.

The rule changes will affect socks and shorts, too, so if three colours are used, one must be clearly dominant across the shirt, bottoms and socks.