There are certain comebacks noted in most history books, because of the very factor that made and makes a comeback complete, Persistency.

The reasons that propel an individual to apply this factor to his walk, dreams or goals makes it almost impossible to fail. But in the most loved and most watched game in the world several circumstances can stop you from applying that factor the way you would want to.

The Level of Circumstances vary a lot, some of which are cash related, injury related, exposure and publicity related. These factors have hindered a lot of footballers from living the actual dream of playing professionally, and the most affected Continent from all this is Africa.

For the 17year old twins Favour Kwame Buah and Famous Kwesi Buah, football was what they lived for all their lives, sadly the cash and publicity related circumstance was what affected the twins, after hearing the sad story of how their Dad ended his career at the age of 21 due to a shin injury. They dedicated their studies day and night, and trained morning and every evening before and after high school.

Working so hard to finish High School at age 13 and Majored in Computer Science and graduated at the age of 14. The drive for them wasn’t the Education, but was the football, wanting to graduate very early so they can start their Career.

Born in Ghana, but migrated to Nigeria with their Parents for greener pastures. After graduating the twins played several local teams, but knew it was taking them nowhere, as the dream had always been Europe. They had a mentality that they were running out of time at age 15 in Africa. Finally decided to meet up with a home-based rich team in Rivers State, Nigeria called NLNG FC.

Favour and Famous

After Graduating September 2018, a month after they decided to try joining the NLNG FC to help their struggling Family. With Boldness in their eyes, they walked up to the head Coach, that they would love to join the team, the coach said, NO! that they don’t run football academies here.

They begged for an opportunity to just train, with the senior team once, after persisting for a week, they were both let to train, and won the joint-man of the match award, and officially got signed at age 15, and became the youngest debutants at NLNG FC at age 15 and 7months

In a mind-blowing interview with the young men they both narrated how dad and mom would use the last penny at home to make sure they got transportation to training. they were always teased about not having the right kits and yet still play exceptionally well.

While I talked with Favour, I asked him how his debut was like, and he said, I was called by a senior staff right there after the debut training, who asked, who and where are you guys from? Have you played professional football before, who are your parents? Then I had to tell him, that were twins, 15 years old each and that we’ve been putting all efforts to join the team so as to get publicity and probably get picked by any of the scouts, because the only dream is to play professional football and help our struggling Family.

He was shocked at how I talked and everyone came just like him to ask same questions, we were so happy and shy but at the same time found it so amazing everyone loved us.
But surprisingly that wasn’t the only goal. From day one we knew the goal was to get picked and play professional right from there.
Absolutely amazing what Favour said, but that didn’t stop them after months, 2019 they wrote to the team for sponsorships, wrote to other firms and several companies, but they got turned down.

Late 2019, they wrote to the team again, and the team were only able to send them to Ghana. Now out of Contracts, and are Free agents, the 17-year old twins are training very hard and see themselves in Europe this 2021, sweating tirelessly in training, and patching their studies to help their Struggling Family. Persistency has brought them back to Ghana, but Which they played in the Ghana Division 2 league. Making their debut 2020 January, and signing a 1-year Contract but believe very soon they will be seen by an Agent or a Scout, that eventually give them the opportunity they desire.

Favour iconizes Paul Pogba A lot to become the perfect midfielder just like him, and Famous Eden Hazard, and believe they’ll make them both proud by accomplishing their dreams very soon. Always Training together, Famous and Favour are now ready to start their professional career in Europe, just waiting for the right sponsorships to come around. They will Never Stop being persistent and still await the time they’ll get signed.

What a Feeling to be done with school at 17, and awaiting your first contract. The twins will never stop training to be the best at it. Watch out world, I’m so sure these are talents to be seen in the next few years to come