Team Nigeria captain at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Aruna Quadri has made known his grieve towards the maltreatment of Nigerian contingents at the Olympics by the Nigerian delegates.

Top-ranked African Tennis star Quadri Aruna condenmed the Nigerian Olympics officials for short-changing athletes in the game.

The Nigerian international, who was knocked out from the Tennis event earlier this week, also hinged his early exit from the quadrennial sporting fiesta on the action of the officials to remove the coach that made him qualify for the event.

The veteran tennis player expressed his dissatisfaction about the poor welfare management at the Tokyo Olympics via his Instagram account in these words:

” You all wanted me to perform well but you removed my coach that qualified me to (who helped me to qualify for) the quarter-finals at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

“I dare you all to remove me (from the National team) because I said the truth.

“Athletes are being short paid (underpaid) and nobody should complain?.

“If the Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare, doesn’t come and address the athletes, these officials will spoil all the good things you (Dare) have been doing.’’

Following similar suit, sprint star Blessing Okagbare on Wednesday blasted Nigerian sport administrators for negligence of duty as 10 athletes were declared ineligible to compete in the Games’ track and field events after failing to comply with out-of-competition test.

“I have said it before and I will say it again, if you don’t have knowledge of sports, not passionate about athletes, then you have no business there as an administrator,” Okagbare stated on her social media page.

“The sports system in Nigeria is so flawed and we athletes are always at the receiving end.

“They were busy fighting over power and exercising their pride over Puma contracts/kits forgetting their major responsibility (the athletes.)

“It is sad that the circle  keeps repeating itself and some people will come and say I am arrogant for speaking the truth, it is my career,” Okagbare said.

The lamentation over the despicable treatment of athletes at the Game culminated when the “disqualified” athletes staged a protest against the administrators on the denial of their entitlement; phone.

Samsung Mobile presented as gift a Samsung S20+5G valued at over $1000 to every accredited athletes representing a country at the Tokyo Olympics games. But the Nigerian delegates received the gift in bulk withholding the portion that belonged to the ineligible athletes.

Approaching the sport ministry officials for their gift, they replied saying, “You are not competing, you can’t get a phone,” an athlete anonymously told Punch Newspapers. 

In addition, the athlete stated that the sport ministry’s ineptitude not adhering to the directive of conducting ‘three out of 10 out-of-competition test’ is the reason for their disqualification.

“It’s the incompetence of the federation and the ministry, who should have done the right thing by making sure that their three out of 10 out-of-competition tests is complete.”