Barcelona and its fans have suffered lot of heartbreaks and humiliations, however,the news that that their greatest ever asset Lionel Messi will not play for the Laliga giants again is arguably the biggest heartbreak they have suffered in recent years of heartbreaks and humiliations.

Lionel Messi and Barcelona had already agreed to renew his contract with the club . Transfer guru, Fabrizio Romano earlier reported that Lionel Messi new deal with Barcelona would be announced in the next days but once again ! the “unpredictability of football” came into existence .

On Thursday ,Spanish outlet MARCA broke the news that there has been a radical turnaround in Messi’s case and the Contract renewal is impossible.

When MARCA broke the news,so many Barcelona fans and football fans lived in disbelief they gave a Conspiracy theory and concluded that the Barcelona legend would still sign for the Laliga giants ,they all thought it’s was a Power play between Barcelona and Laliga president Javier Tebas .

However , Barcelona later in the day , confirmed that their iconic legend will no longer play for the club of his life again . Barcelona fans were left heartbroken ,they didn’t believe what happened , their hope of seeing a forward line of Depay, Griezman, Aguero,Ansu Fati lead by Lionel Messi was shattered.

LaLiga Santander’s fiscal agreement with the CVC investment fund was said to have made things easier for Barcelona, but even then the room to manoeuvre was limited as Barcelona had to balance their wage-bill.

However,accepting the pay out from the investment fund would have meant Barcelona
saying a final goodbye to the Super League, which the club were unprepared to do, leaving them with a situation whereby Barcelona extending Messi’s contract and moving forward with the Super League plans was an impossible scenario.

Now that Barcelona’s greatest player ever can not be registered and has left the club due to their financial problems despite taking a huge 50 percent pay cut , WHO IS TO BE BLAMED FOR THE SUDDEN BARCELONA EXIT OF LIONEL MESSI?



Lionel Messi dream was to finish his career playing for the club of his life , Barcelona.He did prove it by agreeing to sign a new contract and was ready to take a huge pay cut ,but it was never still enough to register him .

A question was asked by a fan ,Why didn’t he agree to play for Barca without a pay ? But for me ,this question is absolutely needless. LIONEL MESSI can never be blamed for his sudden Barcelona exit because his love for Barcelona,the club of his life is absolutely unquestionable .


Joseph Bartomeu is regarded as the worst Barcelona president ever by some fans ,why?

Joseph Bartomeu is the culprit !! . He totally wrecked Barcelona with his reckless signings and also gave huge wages to players who don’t deserve it at all .

His administration brought Barcelona into Bankruptcy again .His plan to bring Barcelona to the glory days with a short time plan for success all lead Barcelona to this situation they are in now .

Probably! probably!! If he didn’t give players huge pay rise,if he didn’t sign some players with ridiculous amounts Barcelona would never find itself in this situation.


As earlier said , JOAN LAPORTA before the election contested on a platform of retaining Lionel Messi and promised to keep him at all cost .

Barcelona conducted an audit and it was finished just 1 day before Messi arrived in Barcelona to sign a new contract.

Laporta didn’t know the club was in such a huge financial trouble and in €487M loss for the 2020/2021 season.

Laporta was confident that he would renew Messi because he didn’t know Bartomeu ruined the club totally. There are bonuses that could be easily reached, they’re almost counted as base salary.

No one at the club had any idea that Barcelona would be in such a bad position, not even in their worst expectations.

Laporta then learned the truth when the audit was finished 1 day before Messi arrived in Barcelona.

Laporta did his own part by convincing Messi to stay with around 50% salary-cut, but LaLiga won’t register Messi.

If it was Bartomeu, Messi wouldn’t even stay with 0% salary-cut.

So literally, Barcelona greatest President should not be blamed for the exit of Lionel Messi .He was given two options ,to either sign Messi and suffer in the future or to let Messi go and saved the club’s future .
Laporta did what’s best for Barcelona!!.

  1. Javier Tebas?

The Laliga president have received lot of sticks for the wage limit rule implemented by his administration .

He too has a little share of the blame .He tried to take advantage of Barcelona and Madrid financial problems by agreeing a deal with a CVC investment fund without the consent of the Laliga clubs .The agreement means Laliga clubs would get an amount which will help them now but they will have to sell 10 % of their TV rights for the next 50 years which would affect the clubs in a long run ..

Lionel Messi is now gone with a deal already agreed with PSG reportedly.

It’s now time for the youngsters to take charge, it’s time for them to fight for the badge ,it’s also time for Griezmann to shine the free role he loves to play his now his !!!.

There was Barcelona before Messi and there would be Barcelona after Messi! ,the glory days will surely be back ,the BARCELONA we all love to watch will be back again !!

visca el barca ! MES QUE UN CLUB !!( More than a club!!)

Thank you for reading this long piece.