Former Super Eagles skipper, Austin Jay Jay Okocha, has confessed his admiration for the wages footballers receive nowadays.

Her reacted to the wages that Lionel Messi would be receiving at Paris Saint Germain, saying his footballing days ‘came too early.’

The Argentine is due to take home £1 million per week at Paris St-Germain over the course of two years.

Finally, Lionel Messi has left FC Barcelona after 20 years, 778 games, 672 goals, 35 trophies which includes 10 La Liga titles, four Champions Leagues and a plethora personal honours.

Okocha during his days was a quick and skillful playmake who is also considered to be one of the best players of all time to come out of Africa.

“I came too early and Messi came at the right time,” Okocha joked. “If I was paid such amount of money in my playing days, maybe I would have stayed back in France forever. I wouldn’t have thought of coming to Nigeria.” Jay-Jay told The Guardian

The silky forward who had Ronaldinho as his mentee lured Nigerians to the French Ligue 1 after he completed his transfer from Fenerbahce in 1998 for £12.4 million.

The Nigerian set a transfer record when he left Fenerbahce in Turkey to PSG on a fee of £12.4 million, which was the highest by an African player at that time.

Messi, who has won Ballon d’Or six times, now prepares himself for a new life in Paris, after he parted ways with Barcelona. He said he feels betrayed by the club he has given so much to. Barcelona had asked Messi to accept a 50 percent reduction in wages, which he accepted without even trying to negotiate it.

But the club later told him to leave, claiming that getting the Argentine to remain in Catalonia would ruin the club.