Golden State Warriors starman, Steph Curry has heaped praises on the GSW roster saying “we have full confidence we are still that team”.

An heroic display from Steph Curry, Draymond and Klay Thompson ensured GSW enjoy five years of peerless greatness on their way to clinching multiple titles.

For over the past two seasons, the warriors have been unable to stay consistent, no thanks to Injuries and a couple of off-season departures.

In a recent interview, it appears that Steph Curry is confident that the team still has that same energy going into next season, hoping that Klay Thompson will return as fast as possible.

“With the two guys we drafted and, hopefully getting Klay back as soon as possible, we have full confidence we are still that team. We obviously have to go out and prove it, but that’s kind of the vibe right now and we’re just trying to stay patient with it.”

Now, looking ahead to the 2021-22 campaign, 2x MVP Steph Curry says his team’s days at the top are not yet over.

Golden State Warriors defeated Toronto Raptors in a friendly game played on Thursday morning.