After over 3 years of been in haitus, Nigeria Men’s Premier Basketball League will surely go ahead, baring any unforeseen circumstances as teams has been splitted to the Atlantic and Savannah conference, with the start date scheduled for September 7th to 15th.

11 teams make up the Atlantic conference, Rivers Hoopers, Kwara Falcons, Raptors, Police Batons, Ondo Raiders, Islanders, Coal City, Impressions, Camac, Invaders and Lagos Warriors.

In the Savannah Conference we have 10 teams, Niger Potters, Defenders, Reformers, Benue Braves, Nigerian Army, Gomb Bulls, Kano Pillars, City Chiefs, Pleatue Peaks and Bauchi nets.

With 11 teams in the Atlantic conference and 10 from the Savannah conference, Four will qualify from each of the conferences for the final 8 which will hold from September 26th – Oct 2, 2021.

However clubs are meant to register a list of 15 players for the league. It was also stated in the letter sent by the NBBF that any team who uses a player who has played in the just concluded total national division one and two will be disqualified.