Former NBA and D’Tigers player Olumide Oyedeji has expressed his discontentment over the NBBF statutes that was ratified by FIBA, NOC and the Sports Ministry.

Ahead of the September elections into the various Nigeria sport federations, Oyedeji, in an interview described parts of the guidelines as biased.

“It is wrong to have the guidelines stating that you have to resident in Nigeria for 4 consecutive years in order to be eligible to contest for a position on the board. Yet, we have foreign based players representing the national teams,” he queried.

He further frowned against the supervision of the forthcoming elections by the Sports Ministry. In a quick reaction, Adebisi James, a former basketball player and coach have come to describe Oyedeji’s complaints as, “unguarded remarks that smirks of sheer desperation.”

“Parts of the statutes of NBBF on eligibility for a position on the board, is clear. You cannot be based in the USA or any other foreign country and hope to be president of the board. It won’t work,” he quipped.

“These guidelines existed since and they were part and parcel of the 2017 elections. He warned that, not only do you have to show residence in Nigeria, but you show verifiable tax certificates to have to be seen as a good citizen who contributes his share to the government of Nigeria.

“Oyedeji made reference to Masai Ojiri, Isah Umar and Osita Nwachukwu, who have no visible presence or local structure in Nigeria, nor do they pay taxes to the federal government, but instead trade in our young basketball players to their selfish advantage.

Speaking further, he chided Oyedeji for arguing that elections into various sport federations should not be supervised by the sports ministry.

“We remember how Olumide and his people almost killed basketball in Nigeria with their many problems. Now, he is making a threat that only an all-inclusive election can bring peace to NBBF. Which part of the stick holding is he coming from? Let him tell us?”

“Let me tell him that the real basketball stakeholders would not allow him or any other persons or groups, halt and destroy the achievements made by the outgoing board because of selfish and greedy intentions,” he warned.

He concluded by advising the sports minister, Sunday Dare to be wary of people who are bent on rubbishing his laudable achievements and his desire for a better Nigerian sports.