Lluis Carrasco, who was Laporta’s campaign manager during his presidency bid, has slammed Barcelona manager, Ronald Koeman for his recent outburst.

Carrasco also claimed that Koeman is self destructive while also quoting the example of Ilaix Moriba and his exit from Camp No.

Carrasco said, “Koeman has self-destructive. Laporta holds it against all logic and pays for it by creating fires and more fires. Laporta makes mistakes but he knows how far he can go. And if you hesitate, you’re dead. Look at Ilaix …” Carrasco said on his Twitter handle.

Koeman, though, appears to have an uneasy relationship with Laporta, as evidenced by his recent comments about the Barcelona president wherein he claimed he was not treated with respect. And now, Koeman has come on the receiving end of a Laporta aide

In recent weeks, there have been suggestions that Koeman might be walking a tightrope following his recent comments about Laporta.

The disastrous defeat to Bayern Munich on Tuesday in the UEFA Champions League would not have helped matters, although it remains to be seen if Koeman can make a case for himself by turning the fortunes around for his side in the season to come.