Turkish outfit, Galatasaray Club, has founded its women’s football team and appointed former national player Nurcan Çelik as coach.

The team was introduced at the event held at Galatasaray High School on Saturday, and played a friendly match with Galatasaray High School Junior Girls’ Football Team.

According to wikipedia, the team was initially established in 2012 and run for four years long, with effect of end dated September 2016 due to downsizing measures caused by financial issues.

UEFA will decide whether Galatasaray, which took its steps for the women’s football team a month ago and applied to the TFF, will compete in its first season in the Super League or a lower league.

The club president, Burak Elmas, in his speech from the lectern, said, “today is a very special day for us. We are making another big move on behalf of Galatasaray Sports Club, which Ali Sami Bey and his friends founded in this hearth and opened to the world. We are establishing our Galatasaray Women’s Football Team.”

He added: “We have reached an agreement with Nurcan Çelik as technical director. He is a very good Galatasaray player who also wears the national team jersey. We embark on this journey together beat non-Turkish teams.

“We have also spoken to the Küçükçekmece municipality and are building social facilities for our women’s soccer team there” he concluded.

The friendly match ended with a 10-1 superiority of Galatasaray Women’s Football Team, and the ball of the match was presented to Galatasaray Sports Club President Burak Elmas as a symbol of the meaning and importance of the day.