With no less than 12 new players on the roster, the Los Angeles Lakers coaching staff will have to pick five players that will be on the starting lineup when the season begins.

While LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook are guaranteed to start, the two remaining spots are still open. There were reports suggesting that they will taken by Wayne Ellington and Trevor Ariza.

According to Lakers head coach Frank Vogel, he will six preseason games to decide on the starting lineup. He expects it to be decided during the last two of those games.

“I would say we’re certainly not going to have any decisions made before the last two preseason games,” Vogel said. “Hopefully, we’ll have some direction at that point but we still could be looking at those last two games we’ll try one one way and the other the other way.

“The first four games we’ll probably have a lot of guys in and out of lineup We won’t be whole in those games. Hopefully we will be the last two. But like I said, I’m not putting a real timeline on it but hopefully we should have some direction by then.”