Nicole Enabosi completed her first Bundesliga game after winning the Afrobasket Championship as Herner TC enjoyed a 68-62 victory at the newcomer Capitol Bascats on Friday evening, the Hernians will continue on Sunday with a home game in the sports park. The SNP Bascats from USC Heidelberg then present themselves as the visiting team.

Herner started strongly and was well ahead of 45-27 at the break. In the second half, however, the offense had completely lost the thread and so the Düsseldorf Capital Bascats came almost within striking distance shortly before the end.

Laura Zolper with 19 points and captain Sofia Pelander with 14 points led the scorer rating, while next to Sofia Pelander (8) Veronika Remenarova with 7 collected the most rebounds. Dragana Domuzin converted a threesome and Laura Zolper converted two; this rating will certainly be increased in the coming games.