Former Nigeria Basketball Federation media officer popularly known as ‘Oni Guarantor’ has described the attacks on the Nigeria Basketball Federation (NBBF) as politically motivated as posted on his Facebook page.

“It broke my heart to see D’Tigress players embark on a sponsored protest which has continued to go viral. Their action is definitely politically motivated and worse things are to be expected in the coming days.”

“People who were in the team before 2017 would tell you the difference between then and what they enjoyed after. I am all for the improvement of players welfare.”

“But, let us study the crux of the matter.In as much as I am not the Financial Officer of the Federation, it may not be difficult for me to see beyond the smokescreen of the protest.”

“The protest is definitely politically motivated just to rubbish the achievements of the Nigeria Basketball Federation under Musa Kida. The personal agenda behind this movement is what disgusts me the most while the naive players never bothered to source for information.”

“I will not talk down on anybody because we all love to make money. That is why even players hold their respective clubs to ransom for improved pay. The issue of training grants and other related issues surrounding the Olympics is total hogwash.”

“Grants or allowances at such events were handled by the Ministry of Sports and the Nigeria Olympics Committee. All federations are just pedestrians with the above mentioned bodies fully in charge.”

“According to my sources, the players and some banking rules are responsible for the difficulty in the disbursement of the donations from banks to the Men and Women’s teams.The disbursement is not just for the players who participated at the Olympics, but for all the players who took part in the run up to the Olympic Games qualification.”

“The money is not in the account of the NBBF, so the players’ anger is misguided. Can a promise become a debt? Maybe, depending on the side of the divide that you stand.”

“In view of this, let us assume that players and Coaches are “owed” money by the President. The debt owed were based on personal promises in 2018 and 2019 after the World Cup and Afrobasket respectively.”

“So, for the players, it is a debt being owed while to the person (Federation) that promised them, it is not a debt, but a promise. We all have uncles and aunties or helpers who will promise to sort us out but life will eventually happen.”

“They will either forget or have other pressing issues to attend to. Does that give us the right to start reporting to other family members about the promise now turned debt? It will shock you to note that the recent Afrobasket trip was personally sponsored by the President.”

“Funny enough, this is not the first time such is being done to spare the nation of any form of international disgrace. Sarah Ogoke raised the issue of not being brought home after 2019 to either train or celebrate after their Afrobasket win which she found insulting”

“Yes, the players came home in 2017, 2019 before and after their Afrobasket wins and they were well celebrated. But since 2020 when Covid-19 hit the world, everything changed including how people move.”

“So, rather than unduly expose players to unnecessary risks, why not minimize that with a more compact camping arrangement? Mactaben Amachree who is the former General Manager of the team is fighting tooth and nail in conjunction with some political opponents to drag Kida in the mud.”

“She sees the position as her birthright and felt offended that she was sacked. The only mistake was that she was given free hands like others to operate. No wonder she seized the social media handles of the team which she is now using to fight the federation.”

“Haba, this threepeat is becoming a source of worry. It is sad that after the numerous personal sacrifice to make Nigeria look good, he is being rewarded this way just because of politics.”

“Lest we forget, politics will come and go, but the hurts will never. If any party has a reasonable reason to believe that funds were misappropriated, why not file a petition with the agencies empowered to handle this rather than resorting to media trial?”

As seen on Oni Guarantor’s Facebook page.