According to the Daily AS, a chamber of the Madrid Criminal Court has just ordered the imprisonment of Bayern Munich and French defender Lucas Hernandez.

In a formal notice issued on September 14th, the court wrote: “Mr. Lucas François Bernard Hernández is summoned to appear in this Court on October 19, 2021, at 11:00 a.m., in order to be personally required to enter prison voluntarily within ten days, in the penitentiary centre of his choice.”

The matter dates back to February 3rd 2010 when Hernandez, then of Atletico Madrid, and his wife, Amelia de la Osa Lorente, had an altercation in the middle of the street.

A court in Madrid had sentenced the couple to 31 days of community service and a ban on approaching or communicating with each other for six months.

The couple ignored this, and went on a honeymoon. On their way back from the honeymoon, authorities stumbled upon them at the Adolfo Suárez-Madrid Barajas airport, following a flight from Miami.

Lucas was arrested and placed at the disposal of the Third Court of Violence Against Women in Madrid, he was later released. Amelia was identified but not detained, as the court had not yet notified her of her restraining order, contrary to her husband.

The Prosecutor’s office requested a year in prison for Lucas with the understanding that he had violated his restraining order. The 25-year-old defender’s lawyers asked for the sentence to be replaced with community service, but the appeal was denied as Lucas had already breached the 31 days of community service imposed upon him in the initial sentence.

Lucas’ defence has filed an appeal against the sentence and the Provincial Court will consider it. But he has to personally be in Madrid on October 19th.