Paris Saint Germain forward Ashley Lawrence has revealed that the Parisian’s 4-0 defeat to Barcelona in last season’s Champions League semifinal was quite tough for her.

Paris Saint Germain, who won the Division 1 feminine title last season ending Lyon’s 14 years dominance in the French League were thrashed out of the Champions League by winners Barcelona at the semifinal stage.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Gold medalist with Canada Ashley Lawrence however made this known while speaking in a press conference before PSG’s 5-0 thumping of Ukrainian outfit Kharkiv Zhytlobud in the match day two of the 2021/22 Champions League season.

” It is never easy that we loose especially in a game as big as that. But I think as athletes or competitors, we have goals and objectives. We want to win titles, so we were really close and I think it shows the growth of our team and our consistency.”

Ashley Lawrence in a Press Conference at PSG’s game against Kharkiv Zhytlobud.

” Our progress through the quarters, the semis shows that we have group that can win this trophy. So it was definitely hard for me as an individual and for our group.”

” But I think it gave us some motivation to keep going and for this year, we’ve to keep going and for this year, we’ve learnt from those defeats and now it’s about how we can implement better to win it.”

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